The Decisions We Make

Book Cover: The Decisions We Make
Part of the Life Upended series:
Editions:ePub - First Edition: $ 5.99
ISBN: 978-0-6450390-7-8
Pages: 310
Paperback - First Edition: $ 24.95
ISBN: 978-0-6450390-8-5
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 310

Do the decisions we make define us?

Sam Taylor is stuck. Her house is falling apart, the bills are piling up, and her daughter is hiding something from her. This is not the life she imagined, living on the idyllic east coast of Tasmania.

Brooke Choi-Scott has her life planned out. Her own medical practice, a house in an affluent Sydney suburb, and best friends she can count on to tell her the truth, no matter what. So why does she feel so empty?

When they share a terrible loss, Brooke and Sam must confront their past. 

However, Sam is too busy stressing over her daughter’s future to deal with the resentment and guilt that eats away at her. And when Brooke discovers a box of secret letters, her obsession compels her to question her own choices. 

Can the childhood friends finally admit to their mistakes, and learn that sometimes the universe may have other plans?

If you enjoy relatable characters with complex ties, links between the past and present, and the emotional ride of life upended, then you’ll love this compelling novel of women’s fiction.

Publisher: Wildlight Publishing
Reviews:KJ McDaniel on Amazon wrote:

Five stars and a Cup of Tea

Having read Camino Wandering, I knew I had to catch up with The Lovelies, if even a bit, and get to know more of the people in Tasmania. I am so glad these (mostly) women hang out in Tara’s head and keep telling her their stories so she can tell them to us.
I was a reporter for many years, I can tell “a story.” What Tara does masterfully is build characters who she lets tell their own stories. And in places that sound breathtaking and untamed and fully brought to life in the pages of The Decisions We Make.
Meeting Sam and Brooke and Bee and Marmy meant having a new circle of friends to love and encourage … and occasionally think “GIRL! Snap to!” People to have over for a cup of tea, a glass of wine, and maybe a good bit of camaraderie.
Five star read. Great for the beach, or a cozy curl up on a dreary day.

VW on Amazon wrote:

Another Good One.

I really like Tara Marlow's books because they deal with people's emotions...raw, unfiltered and real. The Decisions We Make is no exception. The people, the places and the feelings of Sam, her teenage daughter Bee, and the people they love....and have trouble loving...are told. Set in Tasmania, the descriptions are so vivid, I feel like I'm there. Trust me, you will be glad you picked up this book.

Susanne Becker on Goodreads wrote:

Having finished The Decisions We Make I still can't decide which character resonates with me most. I saw bits of myself, and most of my friends, in each character and that is what makes Tara's book enjoyable to read (even through the challenges and loss) and memorable. The Lovelies from Camino Wandering fit into the new characters' lives seamlessly and it was great to see their progress in life and their wisdom passed down. We all need friends like this in our lives, but even if we don't, we can live vicariously in these immersive stories of friendship that come with a good dose of love and a few warts too. Bring on Book 3.

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